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Keep it simple

Saturday morning simplicity 💪🏼 wake up and work towards your goals! It doesn’t have to take 2 hours a day, just work every day!
Megs workout:

16 mins interval training on the treadmill. First 5 mins work up to 6:30 min mile pace, then hold it for 11 mins while shadow boxing. Brutal on the shoulders but worth it 👊🏼
Stay strong!

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Bodyweight Workout

The rain is coming again so if you’re stuck inside, here is a GREAT option for a workout!

For 25 minutes repeat the following exercises…

10 squat jumps

20 lunges

15 push ups

30 second plank

40 sit ups

And back to the top!

Stay strong,



Jabs for days

My path back to the ring.

Today was the first day for me back to training 100%. It felt so good to be back at it. The past few months I’ve been running, lifting and doing my own work on the bag but it’s just not the same as sparring and training with someone.  There’s staying in shape and exercising and then there’s training and programing for a sport or goal specific.  So now I get to be back to the training and programing life, which is what I live for.

Today’s Training

3 rounds jump rope

6 rounds shadow boxing (I need a ton of wok in this area, trying to stay loose)

We spent a good 1.5 hours on the jab, staying low and long and not using too much of my power. Baby steps but it’s what I need…until next workout.

Stay strong,





Today was all about the kettlebells. It is by far my favorite way to strength train. They are low risk and high reward and correlate to most boxing movements 👊🏼 Here’s what I did today…

Megs workout…

  • 2 cleans, 1 press, 3 front squats. 1 set every minute, then shadow box for 20 mins total. (16kg)
  • 100 snatches 5 mins (16kg) try to beat the 5 mins, if you don’t stop you’re fine 😃
  • 300 swings (16kg) I spread this out throughout the day, I might shoot for 500 tomorrow

Boxing training starts up again Friday so here we go 👊🏼



Back to the basics. Jumping rope and shadow boxing was the workout for today. If I want to see where this can go, I need to be the best at the basics. 2017 has been all about jumping rope and shadow boxing. Not only am I getting more comfortable in my own skin, it’s an amazing workout!!!

Megs workout:

3 mins jump rope-3 mins shadow boxing (repeat 5 times)-or at least 3 😉

Keep moving and stay strong 💪🏼


Ben Lomond Workout

When the roads are closed and you can’t train your clients, you train yourself!

Roads were closed, no work for me today so it’s time to train myself 💪🏼 Here’s what went down in Ben Lomond for today.

Megs Workout…

  • 10 bw swings 10 goblet squats 35lb kb, 10 sets
  • Nickels and Dimes-5 pull ups, 10 push ups continuous…running 10 min clock.
  • End with 6 mile run, faster pace even with the rain ☔️

Rain or shine, keep moving!

Stay Strong,


My Own Little Journey Back…

I’m putting it all out there, so here we go!!!

We all have our ups and downs and that’s what makes life interesting.  As a gym owner/personal trainer, I am always trying to find ways for people to find something that they can be passionate about when it comes to fitness. I’ve competed and trained my whole 38 years on this planet and one of my biggest fears is not being able to do so on a daily basis.  For the last 6 weeks, the struggle has been real for me and I’ve had to literally “Practice what I Preach”.  I have been aggressively training to step into the ring for about a year now and about 6 weeks ago I had my first injury. I broke my nose during a sparring session and then had surgery to get it fixed.  As I was recovering from the nose, I was bit by a dog and prolonged my recovery even more. The dog bite happened when I was breaking up a dog fight that happened to be in poison oak, leaving me a third issue making life extremely uncomfortable.  So, with all these evens that had taken place, I was left unable to train for the past month.  My training is my peace, my therapy, my challenge, and everything else that makes me who I am.  Therefore, I had to “Practice what I Preach” and focus on the things I did have control of during that time.  My identity and my passion are both in my work so I had to really be careful not to dip into a state of depression.  It’s really hard on me knowing I’m not in the shape I was a month ago, but I’m always up for a new challenge, especially when it comes from something physical.  Today is the day I get to start back in and go for a jog. Here’s my body comp this morning, I’m at 15.5%, 6 weeks ago I was 9% so let’s get this body moving…I’m nowhere near I want to be.  Stay tuned, my hope is to put my story out there and inspire you to have your own, whatever that may be!IMG_3537.JPG

Morning & Noon Jam Weds 4/13/16

Weds jam 132

1 squat

2 push ups

3 power jumps

4 lunges

5 jumping pull ups

6 sit ups

7 sprints

Repeat for 25 mins


BB Squat thrusters 3×20 light

BB front squats 5×10

One leg deadlift 3×8


170 sit ups

Morning & Noon Jam Tuesday 4/12/16

Tuesday jam 131

30 sec on/10off


Push ups


Bear crawl


3 sprints

Repeat for 25 mins


KB swings-one arm 3×10

KB swings heavy 10×10 on the minute

Cable chest press 3×8

DB sh press alternating 3×8

Bands for arms 3×10


Hanging leg raises 3×10

Ab roller 3×5

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